About Us


Our Story

Through the knowledge and experience our founders have gathered over the years, we have been able to build basic operational frameworks applicable in the marine and oil and gas industries around the globe. However, we are also aware of the unique and ever changing cultural and political contexts in each geopolitical zone and we take this into account in our delivery process.

We  continue to strengthen our pillars of our success by continuously upgrading our safety and quality standards of operations, extensive global experience and network, human resource development and job creation for qualified individuals.

Reliability is our duty to our clients and business partners across the globe and we understand the value of exceeding expectations therefore we are your unmistakably viable and reliable support service provider now and for the future.


To provide first class solutions and services in the oil and gas and marine sector that ultimately promotes safer seas and preserves the global marine ecosystem.


To ensure that our clients (ship owners and managers) are fully satisfied while also protecting the rights of our seafarers in keeping with the MLC 2006 rules and regulations.


Albral is recognized for our quality delivery of service to our clients and partners. Our certifications and memberships guides our company to constantly and continuously meet international standards allowing us serve a varied range of clients beyond our geographical zone.

Core Values

Safetey is not a policy; its the company.


We understand that our success lies in the satisfaction of our clients. We ensure that the expectations and requirements of our clients are exceeded in order to encourage a long lasting value added partnership based on trust and a common purpose


We take pride in constantly optimizing our systems to make sure our operational framework always include essential key elements as highlighted by our clients. We also take the initiative to ensure that in formulating these processes, we take into account any circumstances or clauses unique to our client. This gives us the edge that keeps our clients with us long-term.


In providing our services, respect and value our employees, clients and contractors is of importance. We are committed to responding to the needs of our workers and we ensure they function in a conducive work environment


We are passionate about that we do but we are even more passionate about our delivery process in relation to health, safety and the environment at large. We strive to protect the health and safety of our employees while we hold ourselves accountable for the safety of our clients and contractors. Environmental sustainability is one of our key elements and we input this as an essential factor when carrying out our services.


We are ethical in our operational process and ensure they are in keeping with the MLC 2006 and the STCW’95 rules and regulations. We take pride in providing the best quality goods and service in most cost effective and time efficient way.

Meet the Team

Message from the CEO

Dear valued clients and partners welcome to Albral Alliance.

Welcome to our company where we provide the best quality of service in an ethical, efficient and excellent manner. Our expertise in marine support services  ship chandelling,vessel manning, crewing and security-makes us your number one service provider who you can always trust to exceed your expectations.

We are earnestly committed to providing value-added services tailor made for our clients inspired by innovation. We take pride in protecting the health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors and in contributing our quota in preserving the environment.

We make the sea feel like home whilst incorporating safer solutions to our processes for better partnerships.


Rachel Onu Purgatorio

Rachel Onu Purgatorio

Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director

Uko Emmanuel

Head- Operations and Logistics

Anita Martins

Head-Purchasing and Finance

Eromosene Ekwale

Head- Marketing / Business Development

Onu Nnamdi

Head- Health, Safety & Environment