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“A trained employee is the best resource control for any organization”

Our featured courses are:

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is designed for personnel who regularly travel by helicopter to an offshore installation or facility. This course is suitable for operators in the oil and gas industry that require the skills and knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation where there is a need to exit a ditched helicopter and survive at sea for a period of time.

BOSIET covers offshore-specific safety induction,sea survival and fire fighting and self-rescue. Personnel(s) new to the offshore oil and gas industry will be trained on how to identify generic hazards which are specific to offshore oil and gas installations, potential risks associated with those hazards, and how controls are put in place to eliminate or reduce risks.

H2S Awareness Training is designed for personnel(s) in the oil and gas industry to learn how to properly recognize, assess and control hazards associated with H2S gas. Training includes components of contingency and rescue plan and procedures, signs and symptoms of H2S gas exposure and how to perform gas detection through the use of mechanical and electronic devices

(HLO) course develops the following skills and knowledge; Helideck safety equipment and procedures, role of the HLO and Helideck team, communication procedures,offshore helicopter operations and general safety, features of Helideck landing areas, Helideck emergencies and basic meteorology

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