The value of partnering with Albral

It is our responsibility for ensure that all ships associated with our clients  are sufficiently and efficiently manned, and that adequate hours of work and rest are managed to minimise fatigue.

Our recruitment process is detailed and  transparent. We provide seafarers orientation on recruitment policies and procedures with terms and condition of employment and other relevant information. Our accreditation process is in depth as we ensure every seafarer is qualified and holds the documents necessary for job concerned.

All contracts of employment are in accordance with MLC2006 which stipulates all regulations and collective bargaining agreements for seafarers. We guarantee compliance with the applicable labour, social and maritime legislations, and applicable regulations of the flag state and international maritime bodies such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

 It is against our policy to require seafarers to pay for any job, illegally blacklist seafarers or deny employment on the basis of his/her name being on an illegal blacklist

  1. Request for seafarer (new / replacement),
  2. Specify candidate’s job description.
  3. Contract details such asrate, start date, period of work),
  4. Sourcing of personnel (database, job board on webpage, social media, local media)’
  5. Personnel screening
  6. Interview and assessment of personnel
  7. Verification (documents, background and reference check),
  8. Selection and presentation candidates to employer,
  9. Assistance in hiring and signing contract of employment between our client and our personnel.

We provide a wide range of services that ensures the coordination of all your crewing needs.       

  • Coordination of manning offices and crewing needs for the vessel
  • Proactive communication with client
  • Accounting
  • Cost control
  • Payroll service
  • Verification of personnel’s certificates, work experience according to STCW’95 standards
  • Provision of health certificates in flag state and also arrangements for drug and alcohol tests in keeping with MLC 2006 standards.
  • Travel and Hotel coordination. We provide efficient immigration services such as visa extensions, passport acquisition, work permits and more.
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